I am a broad-ranged, T-shaped designer with a deep focus in visualization.


My design career began at the age of ten when I designed my first shoe, aggressively named “Omega Force.” Convinced I was the next Tinker Hatfield, I sent a stack of shoe designs to Beaverton. I am still waiting to hear back.

In the meantime, I and my chronically unstable ankles moved on and became a senior designer working on projects for clients such as Disney, Warner Bros., Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Walmart. Eventually, I formed my own firm, The Sulky Bros. Manufactorium, to combine digital visualization with storytelling to develop potential scenarios, branding schemes, and production assets for startups.

I recently completed the M.Des Industrial Design program at the University of Washington, where I focused on designing tools and experiences to enhance 3D spatial perception. Currently I am a designer at Artefact in Seattle where I continue to use design as a tool to create new ideas, understand human needs and behaviors, and engage people in new ways of thinking.

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